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News 2020.12.08

Ahmad Joudeh is invited to dance on 9 December 2020 at the Opening Session of World Press Freedom Conference 2020 organised by UNESCO and The Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Opening Session: 9 December 2020 14:00 -15:00

Interview: 9 December 2020 16:15-16:30

The sessions are streamed live at

(Registration is necessary. Free of charge)

The sound of silence

Dance or Die – Our best days are yet to come

News 2020.03.22: Sorrow, Love, and Prayer under Pandemic

Ahmad Joudeh released his dance videos expressing his sorrow, love, and prayer under Pandemic.

News 2019.11.26

Roozbeh Kaboly’s documentary "Dance Or Die" about Ahmad Joudeh won one of 2019 International Emmy® Awards Winners, one in the category of “Arts Programming”

with Veronica Sabbag, the founder of UV4P
with Iris Lammertsma & Roozbeh Kaboly

News 2019.11.24

Ahmad Joudeh is visiting New York on invitation by United Voices 4 Peace on the occasion of the events of International Emmy Awards

Roozbeh Kaboly’s documentary "Dance or Die" about Ahmad Joudeh is nominated in the category of "Arts Programming".

An event “Dance Or Die: From Syria to New York” will be held on 25 November 2019 by United Voices 4 Peace.

News 2019.11.23

On 23 November 2019, it was announced that Roozbeh Kaboly’s documentary “Dance Or Die” about Ahmad Joudeh received SOCIAL MOVERS AWARD of IMZ International Music + Media Centre

See Twitter 

News 2019.11.07

On 6 November 2019, it was announced that Roozbeh Kaboly's  doccumentary film “Dance or Die” about Ahmad Joudeh is nominated for one the 2019 Rose d’Or Awards, in the category of ARTS. Winners will be announced at a ceremony on 1 December 2019 at Kings Place in London.

See more about the documentary

News 2019.09.21

On 19 September 2019, it was announced by International Emmy Awards that Roozbeh Kaboly's documentary film “Dance or Die” about Ahmad Joudeh is nominated for a 2019 International Emmy Award in the category of “Arts Programming”.

Winners will be announced at a ceremony on November 25, 2019 at the Hilton New York Hotel.

News 2019.05.13

The website has reached 100,000 visitors since its start in January 2018!

News 2019.04.28

Two performances of  Like and Share are scheduled in Oslo, Norway, on 17-18 June 2019, after the last performance at Kilden Teater og Konserthus in Kristiansand, Norway, on 27 April 2019.

News 2019.04.02

CNN Worldwide’s Great Big Story portrayed Ahmad Joudeh.

News 2019.03.13

There is now an Italian webpage.

Il sito Web ha ora una pagina in Italiano.

News 2019.03.05

Concerning Dance4Life (Agenda 2018.11.28), SOS Children’s Villages Italy has informed as follows:

Thanks to the event Dance4Life, SOS Children’s Villages Italy has raised more than 24,000 € for the Syrian children. A total amount of 55,000 € has been already transferred to the country.

News 2019.02.28

There is now a Norwegian webpage.

Det er nå en norsk nettside.

News 2019.02.14

There is now a Swedish webpage.

Det finns nu en svensk webbsida.

News 2019.02.13

The website has now a page in Danish.

Websitet har nu en side på dansk.

News 2019.01.22

Ahmad Joudeh’s book “Danza o Muori” (Dance or Die) is among the twelve books selected from over 160 submissions from more than 30 countries for “Books at Berlinale” of Berlin International Film Festival.

Ahmad Joudeh presents his book to film producers at the pitch event on 11 February 2019.

For more see Agenda 2019.02.11

News 2018.12.24

The website has now a page in Japanese.

News 2018.12.03

Ahmad Joudeh takes one of the main roles in the production of «Lik og del» (Like and share) at Kildren Teater in Kristiansand, Norway.

Kilden Teater og Konserthus, Kristiansand, Norway

Kilden Teater og Konserthus, Kristiansand, Norway

News 2018.11.06

An autobiography of Ahmad Joudeh, “DANZA O MUORI” (Dance or Die), is now published by DeA Planeta Libri, an Italian publisher.

For more, see News 2018.11.06

News 2018.11.11

Ahmad Joudeh attends a series of campaign events for his autobiography “DANZA O MUORI” (Dance or Die) in the period 13-17 November 2018 in Italy.

For more, see News 2018.11.11

Ahmad Joudeh wearing a T-shirt of SOS Villaggi dei Bambini Italia

Ahmad Joudeh wearing a T-shirt of SOS Villaggi dei Bambini Italia

News 2018.11.03

Ahmad Joudeh is making 2 shows for SOS Village Italy in November 2018

For more, see News 2018.11.03

Dr Atar from South Sudan, the winner of UNHCR Nansen Refugee Award 2018

Dr Atar from South Sudan, the winner of UNHCR Nansen Refugee Award 2018

News 2018.09.25

Ahmad Joudeh is pleased to announce that he will be performing at UNHCR Nansen Refugee Award Ceremony on 1 October 2018. It is going to be the premiere of “My Word Is Free”.

For more, see News 2018.09.25

Emel Mathlouthi,

Emel Mathlouthi, "My Word is Free” at The 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Concert

News 2018.09.18

Ahmad Joudeh is working on a new dance “My Word Is Free”, a song of Emel Mathlouthi.

For more, see News 2018.09.18

Roberto Bolle

Roberto Bolle

News 2018.09.16

“Robeto Bolle Danza con me” broadcast on RAI 1 on 1. January 2018 won an award of The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) on13 September 2018.

In this programme, Ahmad Joudeh and Roberto Bolle danced together "Inshallah" with Sting's live music.

For more, see News 2018.09.16

End/Less - Amsterdam, 31 August 2018 - Photo by Bob Karman

End/Less - Amsterdam, 31 August 2018 - Photo by Bob Karman

News 2018.09.01

Agenda 2018.08.31 has been updated with a link to Instagram of Bob Karman.

News 2018.08.13

Roozbeh Kaboly's documentary "Dance or Die" is selected for 2 categories in The Netherlands Film Festival 2018.

For more, see News 2018.08.13

News 2018.08.02

An autobiography of Ahmad Joudeh “DANZA O MUORI” (Dance or Die) is going to be published by DeA Planeta Librian Italian publisher, in November 2018

For more, see News 2018.08.02

News 2018.08.01

Ahmad Joudeh is going to dance “Episodes” by Maurice Causey at “New Dance Studios Present Friends” in Amsterdam on 3 August 2018.

For more, see News 2018.08.01

Maurice Causey

News 2018.07.28

Agenda 2018.05.19 (Royal Danish Theatre) and Agenda 2018.06.09 (TEDxVicenza) have been updated with links to videos.

For more, see News 2018.07.28

News 2018.06.13

In June 2018, Ahmad Joudeh participates with "One in a million" in three events to raise awareness for the refugee situation.

For more, see News 2018.06.13

News 2018.05.12

What Dance Can Do Project, for which Ahmad Joudeh is an ambassador, opened its first photo exhibition at Magasin du Nord in Copenhagen, Denmark, in collaboration with The Royal Danish Theatre.

For more, see News 2018.05.12

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