Ahmad Joudeh

Dance or Die

Ahmad Joudeh

Dance or Die


Documentary “Dance Or Die” (2018)

Roozbeh Kaboly, a Dutch documentary filmmaker, followed the life of Ahmad Joudeh from July 2016 to October 2017: his life in Syria under the civil war, his travel to Amsterdam in October 2016, and his life in Amsterdam. (See also Documentary and Reportage by Kaboly)

witfilm & NTR

premiere 2018.03.18 (director's cut 54 min)

The TV version (42 min) was broadcast by NPO2 of NTR on 29 March 2018 and 30 March 2018 in The Netherlands.

Documentary "Dance Or Die" by Roozbeh Kaboly (TV version, 42 min)
Access possible only in The Netherlands.

Videos of the 3 reports are available also outside The Netherlands. 
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The director's cut (54 min) premiered on 18 March 2018.
See Agenda 2018.03.18

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2019 International Emmy® Award Winner

On 25 November 2019, it was announced that “Dance Or Die” won one of 2019 International Emmy® Awards, one in the category of Arts Programming.

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From witfilm

Broadcaster: NTR
Director: Roozbeh Kaboly
Length: 42 minutes
Financed by: Dutch Cultural Media Fund 

Announcement - www.eyefilm.nl
Young Syrian dancer Ahmad Joudeh experienced his hometown Damascus not merely as a war-torn city, but as a stage. To show the tragic state of his country he danced on piles of rubble. When the chance came, Joudeh fled his country of birth. The dancer has now lived in the Netherlands for one and a half years, studying at the National Ballet Academy. He performs on national and international stages. Yet still he struggles with his new life. He misses his family, who remains in Syria. The pressure to make it here is very high. Which price does Ahmad pay for his newfound freedom?

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