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Dance or Die

Ahmad Joudeh

Dance or Die



Reportage 3 by Roozbeh Kaboly: Ahad Joudeh: First months in Europe (NOS, 2017.01.09)

Article and Video
Reportage 3 by Roozbeh Kaboly

Article (in Dutch) and video (interview in English).

The link to video is found at the very end of the article.

© Documentary ‘Dance or Die’ - Roozbeh Kaboly (Witfilm/NTR)

“Coppelia” at the Dutch National Ballet

Reportage 3 shows Ahmad Joudeh’s visit to his farther at an asylum seekers' centre in Berlin, where the farther was staying after fleeing from Syria. The farther used to disapprove that Ahmad Joudeh should dance, and left the family on this ground 11 years earlier. This reportage shows their reunification and reconciliation.

The reportage shows also Ahmad Joudeh’s first stage at the Dutch National Ballet in the production of “Coppelia”. 

If you are interested in broadcasting the reportage or using some parts of it in your productions, please contact Dutch CORE: www.dutch-core.com