Ahmad Joudeh

Dance or Die

Ahmad Joudeh

Dance or Die


Ahmad Joudeh - Dance 2018 - End/Less


Ahmad Joudeh

Samantha van den Doel



Fernando Dominguez


Supported by
Dutch National Ballet

The Dance for Peace Fund 
New Dance Studios


6 September 2018
Teatro Yves Montand di Monusmmano Terme, Italy
Gala Finale "DANZARE LA PACE 2018"
See Agenda 2018.09.05 & 06

Samantha van den Doel and Ahmad Joudeh, 31 August 2018, Amsterdam, Photo by Bob Karman


Agenda 2018.11.28 Milan, Italy (Video and Photos)

Agenda 2018.09.05&06 Terme, Italy, Premiere

Agenda 2018.08.31 Amsterdam, The Netherlands , Pre-premiere
   Photos: Instagram of Bob Karman 

Agenda 2018.08.25  Amsterdam, The Netherlands,  Pre-premiere

End/Less - by Fernando Dominguez

Relationships have the tendency to change. When a person grows his or her interests apart from the other, it is almost like signing the end of a contract.


End/Less is a duet that expresses how a couple fights against this situation.

How much is it needed to be forgiven in order to continue?

It reflects about any kind of relationship.


The personal story of Ahmad Joudeh will be linked as well as an inspirational motor for this creation.


The choreography will be developed within the ‘sphere system’ which Dominguez has developed in the past five years. With this system, the movements will explore the technical background of the dancers, with a sense of three-dimensional and circular/spiral movements, which will make an appealing and special dance duet.


Samantha van den Doel and Ahmad Joudeh

Samantha van den Doel and Ahmad Joudeh

End/Less - Official Trailer

Samantha van den Doel

Samantha van den Doel studied dance at CODARTS Rotterdam Dance Academy in Rotterdam, where she was trained with dances of prominent contemporary choreographers, including Hans van Manen, Jiří Kylián, Ton Simons, and Itzik Galili.


After the graduation in 2011, she has been active as a freelance dancer and a teacher of classic ballet. She has also been involved in various dance projects in The Netherlands. She has been Ahmad Joudeh’s dance partner since he moved to The Netherlands in 2016.


Fernando Dominguez

Fernando Domínguez Rincón (born in 1987 in San Luis Potosi, Mexico) is specialised in modern dance. His initial dance education started in Mexico at the National Institute of Beauty Arts, and at the American Ballet Theatre Summer College Program in New York. He studied at CODARTS - Rotterdam Dance Academy in The Netherlands with scholarship "Corrie Hartong Funds", and graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor degree in Dance.


After graduating, Fernando Domínguez build up a career as dancer, dance educator and choreographer. As a choreographer he works for stage performances as well as for dance films in The Netherlands, Germany and Mexico. Director of his own dance company, FDR DANCE, which besides develop artistic work, produces international exchanges between Europe and Mexico; with renown companies as Nederlands Dans Theater and Budapest Dance Theater. 

His choreographic work for dance films has collected more than 35 prizes worldwide including Best Short Film at Cannes Short Film Festival in 2015. Currently, he is producing a new dance film for CODARTS Rotterdam Dance Academy that will premiere in 2019 and a short film with CEPRODAC (National center of contemporary dance) in Mexico.


As a dancer he danced an extended repertoire including works of Jiri Kylian, Hans Van Manen, Lucinda Childs, Martha Graham, Adriaan Luteijn, Liat Magnezy, Arno Schuitemaker, Melissa Ellbeger among others.


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