Ahmad Joudeh

Dance or Die

Ahmad Joudeh

Dance or Die


Ahmad Joudeh - Agenda 2018.05.08 Le château de Coucy, France

8 May 2018 
20:00-21:10, 21:15-22:25, 22:30-23:40

Le château de Coucy, France

Ahmad Joudeh performed 
He also
danced to the music played by
Harut Haranoyan, an Armenian saxophonist

as a part of a 2-day event (7-8 May 2018)
Notre Patrie, c'est l'Art ! 

2018.05.08 FR Coucy

The night before


Ahmad Joudeh (Emery Fred Photographe)

Organiser: APEPAC 

Mapping:  Chronix / Greg Rider
Technical: Capricorn Production
Photo: Emery Fred Photographe


The show (Emery Fred Photographe)

Ahmad Jpudeh with Harut Haranoyan

About the show

from www.coucylechateau.com

Le château de Coucy, France

Le château de Coucy, France

Phto by Hadrien Denoyelle

Preparation (2018.05.05) - from Chronix

General Rehearsal (2018.05.07) - from Chronix

Message from Denis Lamy (APEPAC), the organiser

Syria has been and remains ravaged by a war that kills women and men, breaks families and targets the very foundations of the Syrian nation by destroying its heritage and history.

It is in this context that APEPAC teamed up with dancer-choreographer Ahmad Joudeh to set up a show to be held on May 7th and 8th, 2018 in the magnificent site of Coucy Castle.

Photo by Hadrien Denoyelle

Message from Ahmad Joudeh

My country, Syria, has been deeply wounded by several years of war and this tragedy is still going on. Kids, women, and men have been killed or wounded, and families have been destroyed and forced to flee from the bombs.

So many lives have been taken. Further, the essence of Syria itself has been targeted through the destruction of its historical heritages. The willingness to erase the roots of existence of Syria is there and I cannot accept this situation. That’s why I have used my art to draw the attention of the world to this tragedy and in particular through my performance in the ruins of Palmyra. With dance I want to convey a message of hope and resistance to destruction.

On this quest, I am not alone. Some good friends have come on board. Denis Lamy is one of them. He has proposed that I should perform in an event that will take place in the Castle of Coucy (close from Paris) on the 8th of May 2018. This event will be the opportunity to provide a strong message regarding the situation of Syria and to show how culture expresses values of humanism all over the world.Whatever the weapons used by those armies of darkness, Art, Hope and Love will never surrender!

Ahmad Joudeh - Sacrifice (2018.05.08)

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