Ahmad Joudeh

Dance or Die

Ahmad Joudeh

Dance or Die


Ahmad Joudeh - Project "Ex Lumine" (2018)

Ex Lumine

Ahmad Joudeh collaborates with Renovatio Institute and Rémi Petit in Project “Ex Lumine”.

Renovatio Instituteis an NGO led by Pascal Brocard, an archaeologist. Its objective is to protect and restore heritages endangered by conflicts.

Renovatio Institue is organising Project “Ex Lumine” as a tribute to the members of the Direction of Antiquities in Syria, who made their best, even by sacrificing their own lives, to protect the heritage during the war. Ex Lumine is also as a celebration of the coming programme of restoration of the antique city of Palmyra. 


Ex Lumine is a unique artistic performance: Rémi Petit, a French artist, will “rebuild” in Palmyra the temple of Baalshamine, which was destroyed during the Syrian conflict, in real size, in luminous and anamorphic wire architecture; and Ahmad Joudeh will dance inside the temple. Ahmad Joudeh choreographs a new dance for this event. The event is planned to take place in Paris in 2019. 

Baal Shamin temple in Palmyra

Ahmad Joudeh and Rémi Petit

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