Ahmad Joudeh

Dance or Die

Ahmad Joudeh

Dance or Die


 Media 2016

2016.12.29 Reisopera (The Netherlands)

Ahmad Joudeh and Nicolas Mansfield

Dance or die: Nicolas Mansfield vertelt het verhaal van Ahmad

2016.12.19 Tubantia (The Netherlands)

Ahmad doet in Enschede wat ie van z'n vader in Syrië niet mocht: dansen

This article reports Ahmad Joudeh's performance in Enschede on 17 December 2017 including video of the dance performance.

2016.12.17 Tubantia (The Netherlands)

Ahmad Joudeh in Enschende, The Netherlands

Syrische danser emotioneert publiek in Enschede

This article reports Ahmad Joudeh's performance in Enschede, 17 December 2016

2016.12.12 Article in "Ethics of Care"

Dancing for peace by Brecht Molenaa


His message is ‘Dance or Die’: a text tattooed on the back of his neck in an Indian language, because Indian people respect dance. It seems that nothing and no one can stop him from dancing, however hard they try. Ahmad would rather die.

But the motto can also be understood differently, and the portrait of Ahmad seems to support that interpretation as well.
It is his way of caring for people. His message seems to be that taking care is the only alternative to dying. He demonstrates that this humanitarianism cannot be killed, but will survive anyhow,

2016.11.13  see the Middle East (seeME), Japan

2016.08.06 & 2016.12.09 Documentaries by Roozbeh Kaboly

Ahmad Joudeh in Yarmouk Camp, Syria

See Documentaries by Roozbeh Kaboly

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