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Dance or Die

Ahmad Joudeh

Dance or Die


 Dances 2016 - Syria

Skin and bones (2016)

Published by Ahmad Joudeh on YouTube on 2016.10.07

Performed on the roof, the “studio” of Ahmad Joudeh, beside the Yarmouk Camp in Damascus, Syria

Ahmad Joudeh wrote:
Dance doesn’t have borders ...
Doesn’t need passports ... 
Doesn’t know nationalities ...
Dance is humanity ... 

2016 Dancer on roof in Damascus, Syria 

Dance for the souls at Roman Theatre of Palmyra, Syria (2016)

Dance for the souls at Roman Theatre of Palmyra

Ahmad Joudeh danced at Roman Theatre in Palmyra for the souls of the people who lost their lives in the civil war (see Documentary 1 by Roothbeh Kaboly).

Later in 2016, the theatre was destroyed. This dance was probably the last art performed at this theatre.

2016 "Dance for the souls", Roman Theatre in Palmyra
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2016 Palmyra

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