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Dance or Die

Ahmad Joudeh

Dance or Die


Ahmad Joudeh - 2018.01 Dubai Ornina Art Events

Silk Road – The journey of a unique necklace

Story of Jubayr and Laila in the Umayyad period in Andalusia


The story begins when Jubayr meets Abu Laila, the judge of Valencia, a musician and patron of the arts, who has two beautiful daughters, Laila and Salma. Jubayr falls in love with Laila and asks for her hand in marriage. Abu Laila puts force a challenge that in order to have his wish Jubayr must present the most exceptional necklace in the world as dowry.

In his search for the world’s most exceptional necklace, Jubayr travels with the Silk Road caravans, crossing from Andalusia to Morocco, Egypt, the Levant, Iraq, India, and China. He travels through mountains, deserts, seas and plains, comes in contact with various cultures and industries and surmounts many challenges. 

He meets the best global talent in music, dance, arts, and industry, and concludes that the most exceptional necklace can only be created by bringing together the gems from the global artistic and industrial talents. He invites them to Valencia and presents them to Abu Laila, who accepts the dowry.  



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