Ahmad Joudeh – Agenda 2018.11.10 Vicenza, Italy

10 November 2018

Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza

Ahmad Joudeh per il Villaggio Sos di Vicenza

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Ahmad Joudeh danced 

My Word Is Free


In the period of 1-10 November, Ahmad Joudeh held a series of workshops at SOS Village Vicenza (Villaggio SOS di Vicenza) for the children from various SOS villages. They had a mini show together on 10 November 2018. 

Ahmad Joudeh wearing a T-shirt of SOS Villaggi dei Bambini Italia

Ahmad Joudeh commented in his FB post of 9 November 2018

Today was a challenging day working with the kids in the Villaggio SOS di Vicenza with mixed emotions tears and laughs. 

Joy coming out of a sad reality where every single child has a different story makes me feel so special to be able to share this time and energy with them where I can give the best I have, Dance. And what I get in return is pure love.

On Saturday we will all perform together to support SOS Children's Villages Syria.

And I dance on 28th November in Teatro Carcano in Milan in a charity show organised by SOS Villaggi dei Bambini - Italia.  

It’s amazing how those kids in Italy can feel the responsibility of helping the other kids in Syria I don’t know how can I go back to Amsterdam without being able to see those kids every day Without speaking wired Italian making them laugh at my accent saying bonjourno 😄

Ahmad Joudeh at Villaggio SOS di Vicenza in November 2018