Ahmad Joudeh - Agenda 2018.01.01 "Roberto Bolle - DANZA CON ME" (Rai 1, Itay)


Italy Rai1 TV
Roberto Bolle - Danza con me

Ahmad Joudeh danced 
with Roberto Bolle 
to the song "Inshallah" 
sung by 
Sting himself.

Lyrics of Inshallah (sting.com) 



Announcement - Video message of Ahmad Joudeh 

Inshallah (Roberto Bolle - Danza con me)

Danza con me (the entire programme)

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2018.01.01 Inshallah


TV programme “Roberto Bolle - Danza con me”  was viewed by almost 5 million people in Italy. The viewer share rate was 22 % in average. The share peak reaced 24.5% at 21:48 during "Inshallah".
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