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2018.06.02 TEDxVicenza

Ahmad Joudeh told his story and how dancing saved his life.

YouTube video (presentation and dance)

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Ahmad Joudeh tells his story

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Raw video for production of a teaser ad video for "Roberto Bolle - Danza con me" of 1 January 2018

In this 12 min-long video, Ahmad Joudeh talks not only about his "dream come true" story, but also about some of his experiences in the civil war in Syria and what it means for him to dance.

Meet Ahmad Joudeh!


Ahmad Joudeh - from

2017.06 FLUX Laboratory

FLUX Laboratory - Interview and performance of "One in a million" 

Because I am a dancer, I am alive.
This 10 min-long video includes Ahmad Joudeh's story of the life-threatening situation he experienced in the civil war in Syria, and how he rescured not only himself, but aslo people he was with. 

2017.08.10 The What Dance Can Do Project

Article based on an interview
The What Dance Can Do Project 

2017.05.22 BBC Radio "Outlook"

I danced in the rubble of my home

Ahmad Joudeh never gave up his dream of becoming a dancer. When so-called Islamic State threatened to kill him, he got a tattoo which says "it's dance or die". Now he's a dancer for the Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam. (Picture credit: Michel Schnater.) 


2015.01.15 radio "arabology"

Interview with Ahmad Joudeh, Contetant on 'So You Think You Can Dance' (Arabia)

A telephone interview after participation in SYTYCD in 2014.


Interview with Ahmad Joudeh, a contestant on the Arabic version of 'So You Think You Can Dance' who moved millions with his moving performances and dedication to dance--a fact that enabled him to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles in order to achieve his moment in the sun.

Arabology is a radio program that is hosted by Dr. Ramzi Salti, Lecturer at Stanford University, showcasing music and other cultural productions from the Arab world.


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