News 2018.08.13

Roozbeh Kaboly's documentary "Dance or Die" is selected for 2 categories in The Netherlands Film Festival 2018.

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News 2018.08.02

An autobiography of Ahmad Joudeh “DANZA O MUORI” (Dance or Die) is going to be published by DeA Planeta Librian Italian publisher, in November 2018

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News 2018.08.01

Ahmad Joudeh is going to dance “Episodes” by Maurice Causey at “New Dance Studios Present Friends” in Amsterdam on 3 August 2018.

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Maurice Causey

News 2018.07.28

Agenda 2018.05.19 (Royal Danish Theatre) and Agenda 2018.06.09 (TEDxVicenza) have been updated with links to videos.

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News 2018.06.13

In June 2018, Ahmad Joudeh participates with "One in a million" in three events to raise awareness for the refugee situation.

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News 2018.05.12

What Dance Can Do Project, for which Ahmad Joudeh is an ambassador, opened its first photo exhibition at Magasin du Nord in Copenhagen, Denmark, in collaboration with The Royal Danish Theatre.

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