Ahmad Joudeh

Dance or Die

Ahmad Joudeh

Dance or Die


Documentaries by Roozbeh Kaboly

Roozbeh Kaboly, a Doutch journalist, has made a series of four documentaries on Ahmad Joudeh.

Documentary 1 by Roozbeh Kaboly (NOS, 2016.08.06)  Ahmad Joudeh's life in Syria

Documentary 2 by Roozbeh Kaboly (NOS, 2016.12.03)   Ahmad Joudeh moves to Amsterdam

Documentary 3 by Roozbeh Kaboly (NOS, 2017.01.09)   Ahmad Joudeh's first months in Europe

Documentary 4 by Roozbeh Kaboly (witfilm & NTR, premiere 2018.03.18)   "Dance or Die"


If you are interested in broadcasting these documentaries or using some parts of the documentaries in your productions, please contact Sales department of the National TV of the Netherlands (NPO sale):

Documentary 1

Documentary 2

Documentary 3

Documentary 4: Dance or Die

Roozbeh Kaboly - Interviews

Roozbeh Kaboly

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